China Town Singapore

Chinatown Singapore is a must visit if you are coming to Singapore. Its located very close to the Grand Park City Hall Singapore. All you need to do is jump on the SIngapore MRT City Hall station and head to Dhoby Ghaut Station on the North South Line. Once you are there change lines onto the North East Line towards chinatown and you will be there in a matter of minutes. Once you are there choose and remember your exit point because there are many places to exit at Chinatown station you may find yourself getting lost…but hey thats half the fun right!?

Feel free to visit China Towns official page here

China Town Singapore

There is always so much going on in Chinatown you will have a great time here. A good place to start is the markets selling an abundance of items at reduced prices that you might not find anywhere else. This includes Singapore memorabilia like hats, clothes, coffee mugs and more. The perfect place to get a present and do some bargain hunting. There are also some other cool products you can buy here from the many shops including watches, jewelry, bags, shoes and more. The markets are a real highlight of Chinatown and the main reason we recommend checking out Chinatown at all.

The other great thing about paying a visit to China Town is getting to try some great street food throughout this part of town and getting some Tiger beer at a seafood shop to cool off after a hot day sweating it out in the city. There are many coconut drinks available also which you should really try while you are in Chinatown. They are the most refreshing drinks you will ever try and are fairly cheap also. Good for health, refreshing and delicious what more can you want out of a drink? There are some great local restaurants around the Chinatown area ranging in price and quality. There are some lower end restaurants but these offer some great specials and its worth as try rather than just eating at the high end restaurants every single night you should venture out to one of the many delicious locally owned and run restaurants. These are the places that have “soul” and “heart” put into each and every single dish that is served.

China Town Singapore Shops

There are a range of festivals and events always going on in China town make sure you visit the Chinatown homepage for more information because you don’t want to miss out on events like Chinese New Year, Food festivals, and art festivals that are often held in the area. A good way to see everything in the area is to try out a walking tour. For a low price of less than $30 you will have a friendly, professional tour guide show you through the area so you can learn and and see all the best spots. There are many historical places in the area so the tour guide can help point them out and tell you more about them. The Chinese have had a very big impact on Singapore so their historical claim to the city and their cultural importance is very clear to see when you walk through Chinatown with a professional tour guide.

So be sure to visit China town and spend some time walking around it really is a great unique place to visit in Singapore even if you have been to China or other Chinatowns in other cities this is still a special place that you will surely love to visit. Best of all its very close by to the hotel and staff will be able to assist you to find it or get there if you need.

Check out the map below for directions and the location of China Town in Singapore

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